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Please read this before undergoing any clinical drug trials with
Aka: Richmond pharmacology, London

The conditions and treatments associated with this company are completely substandard and leave patients with long ongoing problems.

I have recently experienced a clinical drug trial with Richmond pharmacology and have been completely miss treated and am left with ongoing health conditions and no compensation for my time and health risks.

Before anyone who would wish to do a clinical drug trial with this company please consider this case as it will save you a lot of time, money and health risks.

My case

Due to a recent stint of unemployment I decided to undergo a clinical drug trial with Richmond pharmacology. The money on offer was good and the risks at the time seemed minimal. I was given a contract to sign and times I needed to be administered to hospital.

From the moment I had walked into the ward on the first day problems started accruing. I sat on my hospital bed and looked around; I was placed in an overcrowded ward with over 30 other patients. Doctors and nurses were walking around but I was not seen to for another two hours.

When asking nurses for information about what was going on, no one gave me a straight answer; this would be a constant ongoing problem.

Due to being not able to eat before they administered the drug I developed a large headache, after telling doctors this I was not given anything until another six hours.

I was administered the drug and the side affects started kicking in. This included nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite. These affects left me feeling sick all day and unable to eat, basically laying on an uncomfortable hospital bed in agony.

The thought of being able to go to sleep was the only comforting thing I had on offer, but I was wrong. Due to being in an overcrowded ward, medical machines, noise and light from staff continually working made sleep impossible. The frustration from this can be unbearable and staffs are unwilling to help or make changes in order to make my stay comfortable.

These problems continued throughout the length of my stay. The following days involved getting numerous amounts of blood taken at all hours of day and night which left me feeling very withdrawn and agitated.

All most all aspects of the live in conditions were terrible. The facilities on offer were dismal and are need of a serious upgrade.

The food on offer was awful and was sometimes impossible to cut let alone eat. I was given a set menu and was not aloud to eat anything else. Even the thought of eating the food made you feel even worse.

The bathroom facilities were dismal as due to over crowding they were constantly overused and in a state that needed cleaning. Even vomit was left all over toilet bowels for hours until it was cleaned.

As for entertainment I was not aloud outside the ward at anytime, basically locked in prison like hospital 24 hours a day. There is TV and internet use but this is substandard due to weak reception and bad connection speeds which just leads to more frustration.

Overall the stresses of living in such conditions lead me to be taken off the trial and I was told I was not to receive any compensation for my time and health risks. This has left me with mounting bills and added stress.

Due to the nature of the side effects I have lost a large amount weight in short period of time, suffer from back pain, and still have a decreased appetite, feeling very withdrawn and constantly tired. Because of these effects I am unable to work and am not sure when I will be able to.

When trying to discuss this matter with staff I was not given any help apart from being told I could lodge a letter of complaint, which is pointless due to how they run their company.

I hope this blog informs people who may be considering doing a clinical drugs trial with Richmond pharmacology, as it will save you a lot of pain and misery.

If you have any questions about this or want to know anymore information about what really goes on in Richmond pharmacology please do not hesitate to get in contact with me at the numbers listed.

Adam McLeod
Mob: +44 077 952 14843


  1. I can testify to this, They decided after a day I was "unsuitable", told me they'd pay me £40 pounds for the day, (no travel expenses, nothing for the screening so the 2 days travel put me out of pocket £18 pounds alone) and that I would receive payment in 21 working days. It never came. when I asked about 1 1/2 months later, they denied ever saying they'd pay me for the day.
    If you can't trust them over £40 pounds, how much do you trust them to tell you the truth about medications and over your health and safety?
    The pharmaceutical industry is a billion dollar industry, is in their pockets. I can attest from 1st hand experience that they are liars. I've done clinical trials in other places, and they were fine. The conditions at Trials4us , however, were/are appalling.It is exactly like being a battery henn.
    One of the doctors was a real creep as well, I overheard him make a remark to (but not directed towards),a fellow doctor or technician of a sexual nature that was way out of bounds,(alluding to him feeling randy, but put more crudely). He was white, with glasses,tall ,I'd guess close in his late 50's, with reddish, bad skin. He was overly chatty to young female participants in the trial. It was uncomfortable being there. There must be a body to complain to. Does anyone know or have any ideas?
    I wonder how many people have had bad experiences who just don't know who to complain to.

  2. What you've described is *exactly* what they will tell you the trial will be like.

    1. Warnings of all known side effects are always given. You signed a form saying you were aware of this.

    2. You knew the room you'd be experimented upon before you went for the study. During your screening (in which they make sure you know all these things) you would have had your weight etc measured in a huge room with around 40 beds. Did you think this was just for "other people" and that you'd get your own private study.

    3. You signed a form saying that you understood you were free to quit at any time but that if you left early you'd not get any money.

    4. If you hadn't thought the huge room with 40 beds was for Christmas parties and sleepovers, perhaps you'd have thought to take earplugs and an eye mask for sleeping.

    5. Your bad back is probably from staying in bed too long. Get out of bed, stretch, do a core workout on youtube and get some exercise.

    6. If you really want to complain, you would write to the ombudsmen, not them.

    7. With that in mind, the friendliness of staff may have been a result of your prima donna behaviour. I find it quite nauseating myself and I'm not in a room with you.

    What the hell did you expect if you didn't expect to get the things you signed to acknowledge you knew you were getting and saw with your own eyes?

    Clinical trials aren't luxurious, but what you described is what you were promised.

    1. I understand what your saying.

      Actually I also went on a trial with RP and although the staff were all helpful and the conditions were what you would expect, the food was completely unacceptable for a hospital and the fact they did not compensate for certain things like cancelled appointments and travel was also unfair.

      I would say that going to make a blood donation there might be ok. Anything else you really might want to think twice about.

      I have been on other trials which were actually fairly operated unlike my experience with RP.

    2. Went to another blood donation with them recently. The food was much better this time.

      Overall the staff are very helpful.

  3. Having attended a screening session,I couldn't agree more, what a shambles! Kept waiting hours,no heat in the building at all! Freezing and starving,left without information,attended to buy someone in a very dirty uniform,no magazines to read,no sympathy or understanding as I struggled to lie flat for the ECG and vital signs testing,this was due to a cough and shortness of breath, I had to plead for a duvet and pillow. No refreshments for hours! Offered a cold drink and 3 biscuits,asked for a hot drink and ignored. I agree the facilities are awful,there is no way i would go there and be locked in! Starved and frozen to death during a 2 night stay,showers looked dirty,no privacy apart from a flimsy curtain,no thanks! A disgrace not what i expected, I felt dehumanised! I also thought that I wouldn't get any rest as this is an old Geriatric Nightingale Ward which I happened to work on in the early 80's. Mixed sex ward,I have had much better facilities in busy NHS wards and better care. This outfit are a disgrace,don't touch them with a barge pole!

  4. I used to work for RPL . The worse ever experience I had . I could not forget that work experience in my life . I would suggest every one please please don't work for RPL , it's not reliable company to work for . Any time they can sec and dismiss you ......

  5. Replies
    1. Emails and phone don't work anymore. What happened to the guy ?

      Some part are true, the others none.
      I guess they have changed some people of their team, some way to work I think.
      It seems better.

      I've done a trial like this last year and I think people should look at Hammersmith clinical trial which have better reviews on the net (I've never been to their trial so be careful).

      Even on Richmond Pharmacology has been destroyed for their work by ex employee

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  7. Thank you for these informations everyone xx

  8. I've completed three clinical trials with Richmond Pharmacology from November 2015 - June 2017 and they were pretty great. Well looked after, food tastes great and they're always accommodating to your needs. It seems they've definitely improved on their methods since 2010. I've also had no side effects from any of my trials. They get a thumbs up from me.

  9. I had only bad experience with Richmond Pharmacology! Do not choose this company! Really bad communication, lack of professional attitude. Ive spend a lot of money on traveling to get my tests done and despite few visits they couldn't tell me if I was eligible. I've fasted for a long time awaiting for any contact from them and I was ignored for hours without any update on my admission. Person who looked after me went on holidays leaving me without any information. On top of that, since I gave them my personal details I had weird numbers form all over the globe calling me (scam)! Be careful and do not give them any personal details! Don't use this company! Waste of your time and money!

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